ASEAN Handbook on Legal Cooperation to Combat Illegal Wildlife Trade 2021

The ASEAN Handbook on Legal Cooperation to Combat Illegal Wildlife Trade 2021 provides key updates to the original version, which was first launched in 2016. It maps the legal framework and policies in the ASEAN region for combatting illegal wildlife trade.

USAID supported the development of this updated Handbook, which aims to provide law and policy makers, criminal justice officials, and law enforcement officials from the ASEAN region with a strategic approach to deploying an arsenal of hard and soft laws and other associated tools for the prosecution of wildlife crimes. The Handbook was specifically developed to: 

  1. Support relevant agencies at national and regional level strengthen laws and policies on illegal wildlife trade;  
  2. Enhance the capacity of policy makers, law enforcers, and other stakeholders to recognize, deter, and prevent wildlife crime; 
  3. Assist with the exchange best practices and knowledge in developing rules and policies related to combating illegal wildlife trade; 
  4. Expand cross-border and interagency cooperation to further strengthen legal and policy-based deterrents to wildlife crime between ASEAN member countries; and  
  5. Provide relevant information on legislation and policy guidance on COVID-19 and zoonotic disease prevention, promoting a One Health approach. 

The development of the Handbook was driven by ASEAN Member Countries through the ASEAN Working Group on CITES and Wildlife Enforcement (AWG CITES and WE) and the leadership of the ASEAN Secretariat, Thailand as Lead Shepherd country on CWT, and Malaysia during their tenure as Chair of AWG CITES and WE. Thanks are also due to the many partners who contributed to the process including the ASEAN Center for Biodiversity, Freeland, World Organization for Animal Health, and World Wildlife Fund.

application/pdf ASEAN-Handbook-on-Legal-Cooperation-to-Combat-Illegal-Wildlife-Trade-2021.pdf — 5386 KB