USAID Research Study on Consumer Demand for Elephant, Rhino and Pangolin Parts and Products in Vietnam

This report provides comprehensive information on the methodology and findings of the quantitative component of the consumer demand research study. Since this report has several sections, with varying degrees of detail, the following provides a guideline to facilitate reading and ready reference.

For the time-pressured reader:

  • Chapter 2, the Summary of Findings (pages 25-51) provides the main learnings.

In addition, for the in-depth reader:

  • Chapter 1 (pages 6-24) gives the context, the methodological foundation and the analytic framework of the study.
  • Chapter 3 (pages 52-122) provides an in-depth analysis and detailed findings on the purchase of parts and/or product.s of elephant, rhino and pangolin (one chapter with detailed findings by species).
  • Chapter 4 (pages 123-125) provides the analysis of the perception and awareness of regulations.
  • Chapter 5 (pages 126-146), or the Appendix, provides a literature review, additional details on the qualitative research, and analysis.

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