CHI III Initiative Campaign Video (Full Version)

USAID Wildlife Asia recently launched a new video public service announcement for the Chi III Initiative, a social and behavior change communication (SBCC) campaign to reduce the consumption of rhino horn in Vietnam.

The video reminds its target audience that a person’s true strength comes from within, rather than from a rhino horn which is unfortunately seen as a status symbol in Vietnam. The initiative gets its name from the concept of inner strength, or “Chi” in Vietnamese. This is the latest of a series of SBCC materials released by the Chi III Initiative, which targets middle-age wealthy businesspeople in Vietnam, a key rhino horn consumption group. A 2018 USAID Research Study on Consumer Demand for Elephant, Rhino and Pangolin Parts and Products in Vietnam sheds new insights into why people in Vietnam buy rhino horn and the factors that may deter use in the future. Findings of the 2018 report have guided the CHI III Initiative campaign to reduce the demand for rhino horn. The campaign encourages local businesspeople to become Chi champions, stand against the consumption of illegal wildlife products, and lead the country into a new era with social norms that view buying or using rhino horn as unacceptable.