Beautiful Without Ivory Campaign Key Visual

The “Beautiful Without Ivory” campaign aims to reach and engage those who desire to buy and use ivory jewelry and accessories because of its perceived beauty. It promotes a lifestyle that rejects the use of ivory since it is not beautiful and never socially acceptable.

Research conducted by USAID Wildlife Asia in 2018 shows that those who desire ivory for its beauty are generally urban women in their 30’s or older, well-educated, well-informed, with access to the internet and social media.

Most are married with small children and balance family with a stable career as an office employee or business owner. They follow the latest fashion trends. When they shop, they don’t plan to buy ivory but make a purchase when a particular piece catches their eye.

The campaign is endorsed by five Influencers with large social media followings; Cindy ‘Sirinya’ Bishop - Supermodel and Actress, Pichaya Soontornyanakij - Celebrity Chef, Jareyadee Spencer - TV Host and Entrepreneur, Praewatchara Schmid - Top 10 Miss Thailand Universe 2019 and Varine Charungvat - Content Creator and Celebrity Photographer.  They represent various occupations and are at the peak of their careers. They have committed to be champions of this campaign since they firmly believe that True Beauty Does Not Need Ivory and that Ivory Is Never Beautiful And Never Acceptable.

The campaign is implemented by USAID Wildlife Asia to help counter illegal wildlife trafficking. Elephant ivory is among the top items illegally traded worldwide, especially in Southeast Asia. 

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