Vietnam Central Committee for Propaganda and Education Meeting on Challenges in Protecting Endangered, Rare, and Precious Species

Responsible for developing and disseminating key communication on a range of priorities including legislation, policy, guidance, and directives, the Central Committee for Propaganda and Education (CCPE) is a critical institution within the Vietnamese government. USAID Wildlife Asia’s partnership with CCPE enables messaging against illegal wildlife consumption to penetrate to the core of Vietnamese government and leverage its communication network to spread this messaging to relevant agencies, ministries, and leadership at the national, provincial, and local levels.

USAID Wildlife Asia, in collaboration with the Scientific Council of the Central Party Committees (the Council) of the CCPE and USAID Vietnam, organized a workshop on July 3, 2020 to offer guidance on strengthening communication to reduce demand for illegal wildlife products. A 20-page journal prepared by CCPE on the challenges of protecting endangered, rare, and precious wildlife was introduced by CCPE leaders and disseminated at the event.

application/pdf 201026_UWA_VT_CCPE _Report_ChallengesProtectingSpecies.pdf — 978 KB