USAID partners with the Central Committee for Propaganda and Education to reduce demand for wildlife products in Vietnam

On 3 July, USAID Wildlife Asia and the Central Committee for Propaganda and Education (CCPE) organized a workshop for 60 senior CCPE officials and government communicators on social and behavior change communications best practices to reduce consumption of wildlife products.

The CCPE introduced its landmark Journal on Challenges in Protecting Endangered, Precious and Rare Wildlife Species, which was disseminated on CCPE platforms like the Propaganda Bullet Magazine and CCPE Scientific Magazine reaching around 2,750 government communicators and Party leaders. At the end of the workshop, all participants pledged not to purchase, use, give or receive gifts of wildlife products.  So what? Engaging senior level officials and government educators in promoting messages to reduce consumption and social acceptability of wildlife products such as rhino horn, which is highly sought after in Vietnam, is key to reducing demand for wildlife  and protecting wildlife species.