Request for Quote/Proposal: Development of ASEAN Handbook on Legal Cooperation to Combat Illegal Wildlife Trade (closed)

RTI, prime implementing partner of the USAID Wildlife Asia Activity, is currently seeking a consultant to support the development and finalization of an updated ASEAN Handbook on Legal Cooperation to Combat Wildlife Crime. The assignment period will be from March 1-June 30, 2021, and qualified candidates are invited to apply by Thursday, February 25, 2021 to the email:


The USAID Wildlife Asia Activity is a five-year regional counter wildlife trafficking initiative addressing the trafficking of pangolins, rhinos, elephants and tigers by working to reduce consumer demand for wildlife parts and products, strengthen law enforcement capacity and coordination, enhance policy, legislation and jurisprudence and improve regional action to reduce wildlife crime in Southeast Asia and China.

The ASEAN Handbook on Legal Cooperation to Combat Wildlife Crime (the Handbook) was developed during the USAID ARREST program in 2016 to provide law and policy makers, criminal justice and law enforcement officials from the ASEAN region with a strategic approach to deploying an arsenal of hard and soft laws and other associated tools for the prosecution of wildlife crimes. The ASEAN secretariat (on behalf of AWG CITES and Wildlife Enforcement) and CWT lead country Thailand, have requested for USAID Wildlife Asia’s support on the updating of the Handbook as a key deliverable for 2021 under the implementation of the POA on Strategic Trust No. 1.2.1, Develop Regional Mechanism to prevent wildlife trafficking in the region. Working with Thailand as Lead Country Representative of the ASEAN Working Group on CITES and Wildlife Enforcement, ASEAN member states and regional partners, USAID Wildlife Asia will support development and finalization of the updated Handbook as a key deliverable for 2021 under the implementation of the POA.

Consultant's Scope of Work

  • Develop and draft a detailed outline for selected chapters of the Handbook and consolidate input from other contributors for the zero draft
  • Conduct a desk review of information and documents received from ASEC and AMS (in response to questionnaire sent to AMS) and background policy, legislation, and other research materials provided. If necessary, conduct additional consultations with AMS and research to support the analysis for the development of the Handbook.
  • Develop and draft legislation and policy analysis for the AMS and the ASEAN region and provide input for selected chapters of the first draft of the Handbook in accordance with the Outline set out in Annex I and revisions based on comments by AMS and other contributors (excluding the section/chapter on “Illegal Wildlife Trade and the One Health Approach”)
  • Attend and present at consultation meetings for the review and finalization of the Handbook

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

  • Recognized Bachelor or master’s degree in environmental law, International Affairs, Political Science or other relevant discipline.
  • At least 15 years’ experience in advising and supporting governments on developing and implementing multi-lateral environmental agreements, policy and regulatory analysis, substantive content of regulatory regimes and legislative drafting, and designing and implementing processes for stakeholder consultation, networking and coordination across different sectors The ability to develop and produce in depth law and policy analysis and reports is crucial.
  • At least 7 years technical expertise and experience in wildlife law, trade and enforcement in the ASEAN region is preferred.
  • Fluency in English is a prerequisite; any other ASEAN languages is an asset.

Submission Requirements

Qualified organizations are invited to apply by submitting the following:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Summary of qualifications
  3. Relevant work samples
  4. Registration documents
  5. Price quote

Download the Request for Proposal for the full submission details.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: February 25, 2021